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Gas Nozzle FM Jet Injector Twin Pack

Gas Nozzle FM Jet Injector Twin Pack


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Gas Nozzle FM Jet Injector Twin Pack

To choose the correct sized jets, Please check the user’s manual of your appliance.

The manufacturer always gives the size in a unit “1/100mm”. If it says “71” than it means “71/100mm” equal to 0.71mm. This is the diameter of the hole found on the top of the nozzle, called orifice size.

The nozzles are found in the center of the burner, and it is visible when you remove the burner cap and the burner crown.

  • GN Jet: To suit 8000 BTU burners of Gasmate models 1067 & 1103 camping stoves
  • HM Jet: To suit Companion, Primus and Kookaburra Stove Large Burner (Parts No. PCS5012)
  • G Jet: To suit Companion, Primu and Kookaburra Stove Medium Burner (Parts No. PCS5023)
  • E Jet: To suit most small and medium lanterns
  • FM Jet: to suit most large lanterns


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 2 cm

E, FM, G, GN, HM


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